3 Touchdown Tips for Social Media Wins

Every business has a different set of marketing objectives and initiatives, but three of the most common social media wins can help your business gain some serious yards. Gaining new customers, building your brand and driving traffic to your locations and website are just a few of the quick wins that social media marketing can offer your business.

Customer Growth
As most businesses will agree, a new customer is always a win. Gaining new customers through exposure, engagement and brand advocacy is one of the biggest drivers to motivate your social media efforts. Social media allows your brand to interact with your customer audience in a very personal way. When a customer has a need or want, one of the first places they will look to research solutions is the internet. Simply being present on social media will get you halfway there, but don’t stop running when you get to the 50 yard line. What will drive you to the end zone is the consistency of managing your social media pages. The mindset of the average social media browser is open to new information, so many businesses find success in casually educating their audience on their product or service. The key to successfully building your brand in the eyes of your audience is the ease of word-of-mouth advertising made possible through social media engagement and loyal brand advocates.

Brand Awareness
One of the most powerful business wins from social media is the ability to build your brand. Hosting social media pages for your brand will allow you to capture a lot of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the way of keyword indexing. The information contained in your profile, image metatags, tweets and even posts and commentary can help your business rank higher in search results. Unless you are operating with unlimited resources, you will want to weigh the benefits of each social media channel to decide how best to brand your business (Read more about what social media channels are right for your business). After you identify your target audience you will want to think strategically about what channels will best connect with your target audience, what channels will boost your SEO and what channels will showcase the uniqueness of your brand.

Another huge win that social media can offer your business is the easy click-through traffic. By posting shared link content & including website links in other areas of your social media presence, you are inviting your audience to easily click through and land on specific pages of your website. Similarly, if you have regular visitors to your physical location who also engage with you on social media, you can market to them to drive their foot-traffic into your locations. This is done easily with incentivized calls-to-action. Specifically telling your audience to ‘click to learn more about an offer’ or ‘stop in today to receive this offer’, are great ways to use social media for traffic driving purposes.

There are endless gains to be had from social media, and these are just some of the MVPs. As you move forward with your business social media marketing, you will find other small victories that keep you running toward your goals. Let these three touchdown tips motivate your businesses social media presence, and celebrate the small wins as you continue to develop your social media game plan.

  • 23 Oct, 2015
  • Katrina Parr
  • Social Media Marketing, Social Media Wins,

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