How to Feed the Newsfeed Monsters

Due to the ease of exposure, social media has risen to one of the most commonly used forms of marketing and media. Other types of marketing and media will always co-exist with social media, but the newsfeed is where you want to be. Serving your valuable content in the stream of customized stories for each member of your audience is one of the most efficient ways of building your brand awareness. The challenge you are faced with is how to feed your content into the newsfeed. All social media feeds are unique to every user based on their profile characteristics and social behaviors. That is part of what makes a social media newsfeed or stream so valuable – it has been customized to some extent to what will most likely be of interest to the reader. Understanding what factors will deliver the content to your target audience’s newsfeeds, and how to control those factors is the magic of feeding the Newsfeed Monsters.

Feed them Fun
To earn the attention from your audience and get more social actions on your posts, it helps if the content is deemed fun by the audience. It may help to think of what types of content appear fun in your own newsfeed. Some types of content are naturally more fun than others, but when you’re challenged to make the more left-brain mundane topics come alive on social media, it helps to make it fun.

If the monsters are having fun, they will make noise in the newsfeed!

Feed them Events
If you build it, they will come, right? Well, not always. One of the many benefits of social media is the opportunity to announce events. Whether it’s a tweet up, discussion forum or an event happening at a physical location, it helps to announce and invite attendees. If this event announcement gains the attention of the interested audience, it is sure to gather some speed.

The more monsters at the party, the louder the party!

Feed them Incentives
Although sometimes it can seem like a tough audience, your listeners will often be open to taking actions to get a little bonus. A post of this nature may include a free download, a discount or any other piece of useful information, product or service in exchange for a social action. In most cases, you can host the incentivized content on your website, in which case you will benefit even greater by driving more website traffic as a result.

Monsters like rewards!

Feed them Motivation
Use emotion, purpose, passion and other drivers that you know will drive engagement with your content. The mindset of the average social media audience is highly conscious of their social identity. If your audience identifies themselves with your brand, product or business, they will respond by voicing it with social actions.

Monsters care about their social reputation!

Feed them Contests
Most people love a good contest. No matter what the prize, there’s something exciting about competing to win a contest. A well-strategized contest will include social actions that will capitalize on the participation to give it exposure in the newsfeed. As the contest begins to perform on social media, the more performance potential it will gain with its placement in the newsfeed. This is how contests on social media can grow engagement rapidly.

Monsters like to win!

Feed them Direction
The mindset of the average person wanders onto the social newsfeed is somewhat aimless and open to direction. If your content has gained interest, there is a perfect opportunity to insert a call to action to further build engagement. Your audience is likely to be open to a simple social action to advocate your content. Once you’ve gained their attention, it is easy to get them to further engage with your content by specifically asking them to share or like a post.

Monsters need direction!

Feed them Exclusiveness
Make your audience feel like VIPs. Thank them for simply taking the time to read your post. Do this by providing new information or sneak previews to great deals. Another very common way of inserting a special feeling into your posts is by sharing your human side. Some of the most engaging content can be the easiest and most natural content to talk about. Simply posting a photo showcasing behind the scenes daily business is a great way of portraying an exclusive feel on your social media pages.

Monsters want to feel privileged!

All of these engagement drivers create value. When you can identify what provides value to your audience, you will have cracked the code on driving social media engagement. Give your fans something that will draw excitement to your content, and you will be granted prime real-estate in the social newsfeed. We hope these tips assist your business in feeding the newsfeed monsters.

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  • 20 Aug, 2015
  • Katrina Parr
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