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Social Media and your Overall Marketing Strategy
Your marketing strategy can be somewhat complex including many different types of media. There are many layers to your overall marketing strategy ranging from traditional forms to modern marketing and even the newest platforms available (for the super savvy businesses). The marketing team of a typical business may include these players:
• Print
• Broadcast
• Display
• Website
• Digital Ads
• Affiliate
• Programatic Marketing
• Public Relations
• Social Media

All of these components of the overall marketing strategy need to work in unison to complete campaigns effectively. Each area of the marketing strategy brings strength to the team, and is an integral part of driving the team to the win. Although every area is individually strong, a successful marketing team will let these areas overlap to enhance the marketing communication by working seamlessly together.

Traditional marketing forms have proven excellence in delivering exposure for the brand message, but are primarily a one way communication. The prospective customer who is exposed to the advertisement may have questions or comments, and will need to take it upon themselves to contact the brand to make buying decisions.

Social media marketing has also proven the ability to boost exposure for the brand message, however allows for two way communication. Through a variety of social actions the prospective customer is able to communicate back to the brand assisting in their buyer decision-making-process. Similarly social media can allow for brand advocates to express their satisfaction with the products or services offered by the business. This is a higher form of word-of-mouth advertising that can not only attract new customers but also reaffirm brand loyalty by appealing to the emotions of those who enjoy the brand as well.

The efficiency proven by the use of social media marketing encourages marketers to include social media within their marketing strategy, however it shouldn’t necessarily replace any area of the marketing team. The quarterback can’t win the game alone. All members of the team are an integral part of driving the team to a win. Social media is best used when it assists the other marketing players in reaching the end objective.

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  • 27 Jan, 2016
  • Katrina Parr
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