Three Tips to Take Flight on Twitter

Your business can’t hide from the cute little blue bird anymore.  Twitter continues to prove itself as a powerful social media platform for businesses.  Maybe you’re contemplating your move to the Twitter platform or you’ve already begun to move your brand through the motions.  No matter where you are in your evolution of Twitter page management your Twitter page will benefit by sticking to these three basic tips.


The first step to developing your business presence on Twitter is to be there to tell your story.  After you’ve established your Twitter page, it needs content nurturing.  There are many great things to tell your prospective followers about your brand, but you only get 140 characters to say it.  The character limitation is the real concept behind the “tweet”.  If you open the window right now, you might hear birds tweeting (not lecturing).  Stay consistent with the concept of tweeting.  Short thought evoking messages that will position your brand and tell your story, are the keys to Twitter success.

Tweet often to keep the conversation going and to further establish your brand reputation.  It can greatly assist you to schedule your tweets on a content calendar in advance.  Having a pre-planned cadence of content will allow you to keep your business actively engaged on the channel, while allowing for reactionary content to layer in where needed.



You may use your Twitter page to monitor your brand reputation, as well as hear the conversations that are currently happening regarding your industry.  You may choose to search keywords that relate to your industry or a relevant hashtag feed.  It would be wise to dedicate some time each day to listen to the Twitter chirping of others engaging in topics of conversation relevant to your business.

Actively listening on social media will position your business perfectly to foster communication with prospective customers and networking partners.  Reacting to the tweets and replies will show your followers that you value their views and want to be responsive to their needs.



Engagement can take place in many ways.  Always monitor your own page through your Twitter notifications.  Reacting quickly to new followers, @ mentions and replies will amplify your ability to nurture relationship building on Twitter.  Conversations are being had continuously on Twitter, but the work is in finding the conversations and engaging in them.  Using the Twitter search functionality to find networking and prospecting opportunities is another good habit to get into.  If you operate a B2B organization, there may be a fine line between networking and prospecting, and Twitter is the platform to make touchpoints with your new leads possible.


Put these tips into action today to spread your wings on Twitter.  These three tips make up some of the basic foundations of Twitter success for business.  There are many other ways to capitalize on the use of your Twitter account.  The first step is to open your wings (and sometimes you need to jump out of the nest).  After you make the investment and dedication to your Twitter page your Twitter page will take flight.


Contact us at MPI Social with any questions you have about your organization’s Twitter strategy.   Call your Social Media Advisor at 1(800)459-9487 for a free social media assessment of your business.

  • 10 Mar, 2016
  • Katrina Parr
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