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After establishing a social media presence, and growing a social media audience, it is important to keep the lines of communication open.  After all, that is the nature of social media, and is where many of your biggest social media successes lie.  Managing a consistent cadence of communication with your current and potential customers on social media is a solid step to building your brand and growing your business.


Keep it Short

Some social media platforms allow for lengthy posts, and although there are benefits to filling that space with valuable information, the most important concepts need to be woven into the first two sentences.  Your social media content will truncate after about 400 characters.  If you haven’t caught their attention in the first few sentences, the truncated content may not be seen by the eyes of some of your most valuable audience.  It’s also a good practice to be respectful of your audience’s busy schedules and provide the content in the most streamlined form.  Chances are, your audience won’t have time to read more than the first few sentences anyway.  Furthermore, if you plan to boost your content to expand your reach, try to state your main message and call to action are in the first 90 characters.  When paying for impressions, the ability to get a clear message in the first sentence is key.


Use Correct Grammar

Use correct punctuation and spelling.  Be cautious of how your content reads and be sure that it represents your brand and your level of expertise.  Character limitations have made a case for casual wording on social media.  However, posts with poor grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes can detrimentally affect your brand and be frustrating for your reader.


Put yourself second

Don’t overdo it on your brand messaging.  Nonstop talking about yourself is a huge turnoff for your current and potential audience.  If all you ever post about is content to market your brand your followers may begin to lose interest.  It’s important to post content that keeps the conversation going and nurtures a two way conversation.  There’s nothing wrong with sprinkling a little shameless brand building content in your communication strategy on social media, but be mindful of the ratio of brand vs. engaging content.  Your less self-centered content and more engaging content is what will build brand loyalty and brand advocates.


Give ownership

Social media is one of the most personal forms of marketing.  Giving ownership within your content will increase engagement and allow your customers to identify themselves with your brand.  Try using the word, ‘you’ in your post and see if your engagement rate lifts.  An open-ended question such as, “what do you think?” is a great way to crank up the post engagement.


Be Shareworthy

Make your content something that your audience will geek out about.  Sharable content will garner the best exposure and will help shape your brand image.  Content that your audience can easily relate to and that inspires them is the easiest to share.  Using hashtags accurately to describ your post, is a great way of filtering your content into a feed seen by the audience who is in search of your shareworthy content.


Catch Them with Headlines

If you invest your time and energy into writing a blog article, you’ll want it to catch the attention of more than just your followers.  Using the perfect headline can make all the difference in getting the exposure you want.  Your readers may never click to open your article if you didn’t win them in the social newsfeed.  Make your headlines short and concise with a kick of excitement.  They should make sense and accurately outline the depth of the article.


Pair Content with Images

A picture is worth 1000 words, and since you have limited character space, why not captivate your audience with the perfect image.  Even if you have a very loyal social media audience, your posts and tweets can have a tendency to blend in with the rest in the ever-evolving newsfeed.  Once you have your post idea drafted, take the next step and add an attention-grabbing image.  If you plan your social communication on a content calendar you may have time to have social media photo shoots, or to create your own artwork.


We hope these content writing tips inspire you, and take your social media presence to the next level.  Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments, and we would love to keep the conversation going.

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  • 29 Apr, 2016
  • Katrina Parr
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